For the love of ULTIMATE

Hi! Welcome to Kikko Socks. I’m Lisa P and ultimate frisbee is my passion. So much so, that in January 2016, I decided to pursue a crazy idea, fly to Shanghai and make socks for ultimate players.

I dreamed of a Nike Elite quality sock specifically designed to protect my feet from the endless cutting at tournaments and practices and could still be afforded by my broke college friends and me. It needed to last seasons, not months, and come in dope colors, but still match my teammates when we hit the fields.

People ask me all the time, “Why the name Kikko?”, but they never believe me when I tell them that when I was ten I met a surfing, sock-wearing dog, named Kikko. This pooch knew how to shred and he was always having the most fun. He absolutely loved surfing and he never stopped smiling.

I always felt I took a part of Kikko with me. Being Kikko goes beyond just being a total badass on a surfboard. Kikko is about crushing on the field AND having a good time. Kikko is having a competitive edge but also being light-hearted. Kikko wants to win the tournament and the tournament party. But, most importantly, Kikko wants you to be your kickass you.

♥ Kikko and LP